Wood Honeycombs for Lightweight, Energy Efficient Structural Applications

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College Park, Maryland
Project Term:
08/09/2021 - 02/08/2024

Technology Description:

InventWood proposes to develop and manufacture lightweight 3D wood corrugated honeycomb structures to replace metal counterparts. Compared with widely used aluminum, 3D wood has similar mechanical strength, possesses one-third the density and one-fourteenth the cost, and reduces CO2 emissions by 90% in its manufacture. Project goals include: (1) improving 3D corrugated wood performance to achieve a mechanical strength of up to 500 MPa; (2) improving 3D wood performance to meet structural material requirements, including bending, compression, fatigue resistance, and thermal-cycling and water stability; (3) developing scalable processes for manufacturing the 3D wood honeycomb structure; and (4) conducting life-cycle assessment and modeling of 3D wood’s environmental impact, cost, and energy consumption.


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Dr. Laurent Pilon
Project Contact:
Dr. Amy Gong
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