Synthesis of Consists as Rolling Energy micro-grids (SCORE)

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University Park, Pennsylvania
Project Term:
07/19/2021 - 05/30/2024

Technology Description:

The Penn State team is developing a fully open-source toolset for exploring and optimizing Energy Storage and Power (ES&P) systems for rail transportation. The core of the toolset will be an Energy-Longitudinal Train Dynamics (E-LTD) model that represents the train as a complex rolling micro-grid of power sources and sinks, determining the optimal power flow policy for each. The E-LTD will model power demands and calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel consumption, power, acquisition, operations and support, and infrastructure costs. A Route Generation Toolset will ingest publicly available rail line, node, operating restriction, and traffic data and guide users in creating a route database. The resulting, publicly available SCORE toolset will enable evaluation and identification of ES&P technologies that reduce GHG emissions and railroad operations and acquisition costs.


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Dr. Robert Ledoux
Project Contact:
Ms. Lorri Bennett
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