Simplified Steam Electrolysis: Hydrogen for Hard-to-Abate Industries

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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08/05/2022 - 08/04/2024

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Advanced Ionics (AI) aims to advance its high-efficiency low-cost hydrogen electrolyzer technology to gigawatt-scale production within the next decade. If successful, AI’s system will enable and catalyze decarbonization in refining, ammonia production, chemicals production, steel, glass, methanol, and other highconsumption industries that currently rely on steam methane reforming (SMR) for hydrogen production. Today, electrolyzers suffer from low efficiencies and high capital cost, causing the price of hydrogen from electrolysis to be many times that of conventional SMR. AI’s technology will integrate with existing industrial processes and utilize abundant, low-grade process and waste heat, achieving price points that are otherwise challenging for other electrolyzer technologies.


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Dr. James Seaba
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Chad Mason
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