Physical, Chemical, and Mineralogical Characterizations of MSWI Ash Product and Recommendations for Downstream Processing

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Exploratory Topics
Blacksburg, Virginia
Project Term:
04/19/2021 - 08/18/2023

Technology Description:

Virginia Tech will perform systematic physical, chemical, and mineralogical characterizations on natural and synthetic municipal solid waste incineration (MSWI) ash materials to obtain sufficient characterization results and propose potential downstream processing flowsheets. The team will focus on revealing the conversion mechanisms of valuable metals in MSW during incineration, as well as the occurrence modes, partitioning behavior, and recoverability of critical metals in MSWI ash. A comprehensive and innovative characterization protocol comprised of several methods, such as physical separations, liberation study, and sequential chemical extraction, will be employed.


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Dr. Douglas Wicks
Project Contact:
Dr. Wencai Zhang
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