Novel Polymer-Enabled Rechargeable Aluminum-Alkaline Battery Technology

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OPEN 2018
Woburn, Massachusetts
Project Term:
04/01/2019 - 09/30/2021

Technology Description:

Ionic Materials will develop a more energy dense (by volume and mass) rechargeable battery based on an aluminum-alkaline chemistry. At the center of Ionic Materials’ innovation is a new polymer-based material that suppresses the formation of undesired chemical products that prevent aluminum-alkaline batteries from recharging. Aluminum is a highly abundant natural resource and costs much less than cobalt, nickel, and lithium, key elements in today’s state-of-the-art batteries. Aluminum-alkaline chemistries are also inherently safer than LIBs, making them more appropriate for use in electric vehicle and residential applications.

Potential Impact:

Ionic Materials has invented a novel polymer material that has the potential to revolutionize energy storage by facilitating significant improvements in battery performance, cost, and safety. These improvements promise to:


Contribute to energy storage solutions for transportation, lessening effects of fossil fuel price volatility


Speed the electrification of transportation and the transition to clean and renewable sources of energy


Establish U.S. businesses as technical leaders in energy storage, encouraging greater use of readily available renewable resources and increasing the competitiveness of electric vehicles


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Dr. Halle Cheeseman
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Mohamed Taggougui
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Ames National Laboratory

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