Multi-Physics Topology Optimization for Dual Flow Heat Exchangers

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Princeton, New Jersey
Project Term:
03/14/2022 - 06/14/2024

Technology Description:

Siemens aims to develop a multi-physics, multi-material topology optimization approach to rapidly generate improved HX designs that can operate at high temperature and high pressure. Siemens will address the comprehensive multi-physics structural, fluid dynamics, and thermal aspects of HXs; parameterize the design with a multi-phase interpolation scheme that handles four material phases; and account for additive manufacturing (AM) constraints to ensure that the final HX design can be manufactured via the chosen AM technique. Siemens will apply machine learning techniques to accelerate the optimization. The proposed approach could potentially reduce the certification time and cost of developed HXs by at least 50%.


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Dr. William Horak
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Tsz Ling Elaine Tang
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