Multi-Material Topology Optimization for High Performance Heat Exchangers

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East Hartford, Connecticut
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12/07/2021 - 01/29/2024

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Raytheon Technologies Research Center (RTRC) proposes to develop a multi-material and multi-physics topology optimization (TopOpt) design framework to efficiently design novel high temperature (capable of operations up to 800°C) and pressure (up to 25 MPa) heat exchangers (HX) with superior power density and structural durability. The result will increase heat duty for a similar heat exchanger weight and improve durability while remaining cost competitive. The proposed framework combines novel TopOpt methods incorporating multi-physics considerations and additive manufacturing constraints based on the approach selected. The proposed unified, multi-physics conceptual design approach will enable power generation systems for hybrid aviation and ground power systems that can reduce energy consumption by more than one quad per year.


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Dr. William Horak
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Dr. Ram Ranjan
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University of Wisconsin
Runtosolve Technologies, LLC

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