Lightweight, High-power Density, Self-protecting Superconducting Power Cables and Connectors for Electric Aircraft Applications

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Boulder, Colorado
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08/08/2021 - 08/22/2024

Technology Description:

Advanced Conductor Technologies will develop two-pole, high-temperature, superconducting DC power cables and connectors with a power rating of up to 50 MW to enable twin-aisle aircraft with distributed electric propulsion to reduce carbon emissions. The cables and connectors will contain insulation independent of the cryogenic medium used as coolant and allow an operating voltage of 10 kV. Because they have intrinsic fault current limiting capabilities, the cables can protect the power distribution network from over-currents. This intrinsic capability will reduce the complexity of the power distribution network while improving its reliability.


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Dr. Isik Kizilyalli
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Dr. Danko van der Laan
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Florida State University
Los Alamos National Laboratory

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