High Aspect Ratio CO2 Reduction Electrolyzer via Novel Gas Diffusion Electrode - Design

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Woodinville, Washington
Project Term:
07/20/2021 - 07/19/2022

Technology Description:

OCOchem proposes to build a tall (1800 cm2 ) electrochemical cell, addressing a critical scale-up issue for many processes seeking to convert carbon dioxide into useful products. The cell will be used to convert carbon dioxide, water, and renewable electricity into formic acid. The project will integrate multiple innovative electrolyzer components and materials into a first-of-its-kind single design. If successful, the new process will reduce the cost of formic acid 33%, be based exclusively on renewable energy and feeds, and avoid the use fossil-based inputs. Formic acid has several commercial uses today and could be a building block for future chemical routes based on “recycled” carbon dioxide. This project could open up new options for converting carbon dioxide into many useful products.


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Dr. Jack Lewnard
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Dr. Arun Agarwal
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