Engineering of Scalable Platinum-free Electrodes for Pure-Water AEM Water Electrolysis

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Palo Alto, California
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08/09/2021 - 02/08/2023

Technology Description:

Green hydrogen, which is produced with renewable energy and electrolysis, can reduce emissions for the ammonia fertilizer, refineries, chemicals, and steel industries that use hydrogen as a feedstock. Existing water electrolysis technologies are expensive due to high materials cost or complex balance-of-plant systems required when using conventional alkaline electrolysis. The ARPA-E IONICS program developed highly conductive, chemically stable anion exchange membranes that are now commercially produced. Origen Hydrogen aims to develop high-performance, platinum-free electrodes to compliment these breakthrough materials for pure-water electrolysis operation. The team will use engineered low-cost, scalable electrodes that are resistant to the most common degradation pathways.


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Dr. Halle Cheeseman
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Ashutosh Divekar
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University of South Carolina
Pajarito Powder, LLC

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