Energy Efficient Manufacturing of Lightweight Composite Architected Structures for Transporation Vehicles

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OPEN 2021
Newark, Delaware
Project Term:
09/13/2022 - 09/12/2025

Technology Description:

The University of Delaware (UD) will develop the Composite Architected Materials Processing (CAMP) technology to enable fast, energy-efficient composite manufacturing with a complex 3D geometry formation capability to construct efficient, reliable, and cost-competitive structural materials for air and ground transportation vehicles. With their high strength-to-weight ratios, carbon fiber-reinforced composites have strong potential for lightweighting in structural applications to replace steel and aluminum. UD’s CAMP technology combines an energy-efficient carbon fiber reinforced thermoset composite manufacturing technique called localized in-plane thermal automation with tailored universal feedstock for forming. CAMP could greatly reduce the energy intensity of carbon fiber composites manufacturing, drive down the total cost, and reduce structural weight.

Potential Impact:

UD will develop CAMP to offer a rapid economical fabrication process of composite architected structures to achieve high-volume, cost-effective, lightweight, and energy-efficient vehicle structural components.


Compared with state-of-the-art processes, CAMP would reduce the energy intensity of carbon fiber composites manufacturing by 20%, total cost by 65%, and weight by 40-60% without compromising stiffness or strength, expanding the use of composites as primary structural components for vehicle applications.


When combined with structural optimization, composite architected structures are expected to reduce air transportation vehicle weight up to 80%, improving fuel economy and reduce transportation’s contribution to climate change from carbon dioxide emissions.


The CAMP technology will significantly impact the vehicle industry by revolutionizing different aspects of composites, including using raw materials from low-cost carbon sources and a rapid economical fabrication process capable of achieving high-volume, cost-effective structures.


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Dr. Philseok Kim
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Kun Fu
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