Electrochemical Cell for Advanced Titanium Production

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Project Term:
01/13/2014 - 04/30/2016

Critical Need:

Primary production of lightweight metals such as titanium is an energy-intensive and expensive process that results in significant carbon dioxide (CO2) and other emissions. Lowering the energy consumption, cost, and emissions associated with processing titanium would make it more competitive with incumbent structural metals such as steel. Enabling more widespread use of titanium in the aerospace, energy, and industrial sectors—without compromising performance or safety—would substantially reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions from its applications.

Project Innovation + Advantages:

Titanium Metals Corporation (TIMET) is developing an electrochemical process for producing pure titanium powder. Incumbent titanium production processes require the importation of high-grade titanium ores. TIMET’s groundbreaking design will enable the use of abundant, low-cost, domestic ore to produce titanium powder electrolytically. By totally revolutionizing the electrolysis process, TIMET can fully optimize the process more effectively using a unique approach. TIMET’s electrochemical methods could produce higher quality titanium powder at lower cost and reduced energy consumption compared to the conventional Kroll process.

Potential Impact:

If successful, TIMET’s new process will use less energy for the production of titanium with reduced CO2 emissions and at a fraction of the total cost, making it widely available for energy, industrial and advanced aerospace applications.


Improving the efficiency of the titanium production process reduces the demand for imported energy.


Reducing energy consumption by using an electrolytic process could reduce CO2 emissions, transportation costs, and carbon footprint compared to conventional titanium production and shipping of foreign input stock.


Domestic production of titanium using methods that consume less energy and use less expensive materials results in low-cost titanium enabling its widespread applications in the aerospace, energy, and industrial sectors.


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Dr. Jason Rugolo
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Dr. Stephen Fox
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Materials & Electrochemical Research (MER) Corporation

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