Electricity System Capacity Expansion and Operational Modeling for Evaluation and Optimization of Flexible Carbon Capture and Sequestration Systems

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Princeton, New Jersey
Project Term:
07/13/2020 - 06/30/2025

Technology Description:

Princeton University will improve and apply the existing GenX configurable electricity system planning model to evaluate the value of fossil-fueled power plants with CCS and direct air capture technologies in future electricity grids under a range of possible future scenarios, including high shares of variable renewable energy sources. With these improvements, Princeton University will explore the ‘design space’ or combination of possible cost and performance parameters for each major subcomponent of a generic natural gas-fired power plant with CCS. The team will evaluate several designs and strategies, including load following and part-load operation of generation and capture systems, integrated thermal or electrical storage, and buffering of the carbon capture medium itself to shift the timing of energy consumption by CCS systems.


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Dr. Jack Lewnard
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Dr. Jesse Jenkins
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