Direct Air Capture Utilizing Hydrogen-Assisted Carbonate Electrolysis

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Newton, Massachusetts
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06/01/2021 - 11/30/2024

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Direct capture of CO2 from ambient air is necessary to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Due to the dilute nature of the CO2, capturing it in ambient air is challenging and requires different strategies than carbon capture from concentrated CO2 waste streams. Giner, Inc., (Giner) proposes a novel process that uses a liquid solvent, regenerated electrochemically, to capture dilute CO2 from air to produce a purified, concentrated CO2 stream. The stream can be redirected for use as a feedstock for a wide variety of applications, including chemical manufacturing and syngas formation. This process has the potential for large scale-up, with no environmental limitations and virtually no chemical waste generated.


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Dr. Philseok Kim
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Dr. Judith Lattimer
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