Design of Smart Micro-Flare Fleet to Mitigate Distributed Methane Emissions

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San Francisco, California
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07/05/2021 - 11/04/2023

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Flares are widely used address methane emissions, eliminating a safety issue, and reducing greenhouse gas impacts up to 90%. There are many technical and economic challenges for designing small flares that operate reliably with high destruction efficiency, however. Frost Methane Labs proposes to develop a “micro-flare,” capable of handling emissions from sources from 10-200 tonnes of methane per year per site. The micro-flare consists of a combustion chamber, pilot light or electronic ignition source, upstream flow and methane concentration monitoring, controls electronics, and remote communications. The system will have low capital and operating costs. Commercialization of this technology could offset approximately 290 megatonnes of CO2 equivalent per year worldwide, equivalent to removing 60 million cars from the road.


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Dr. Jack Lewnard
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Olga Irzak
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