Applicant:  The entity that submits the application to ARPA-E.  In the case of a Project Team, the Applicant is the lead organization listed on the application.

Application:  The entire submission received by ARPA-E, including the Concept Paper, Full Application, and Reply to Reviewer Comments.

ARPA-E:  is the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy, an agency within the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Cost Sharing:  is the portion of project costs from non-Federal sources that are borne by the Prime Recipient (or non-Federal third parties on behalf of the Prime Recipient), rather than by the Federal Government.

Deliverable: A deliverable is the quantifiable goods or services that will be provided upon the successful completion of a project task or sub-task.

DOE:  U.S. Department of Energy.

DOE/NNSA: U.S. Department of Energy/National Nuclear Security Administration

FFRDCs:  Federally Funded Research and Development Centers.

FOA:  Funding Opportunity Announcement.

GOCOs:  U.S. Government Owned, Contractor Operated laboratories.

GOGOs:  U.S. Government Owned, Government Operated laboratories.

Milestone: A milestone is the tangible, observable measurement that will be provided upon the successful completion of a project task or sub-task.

Prime Recipient:  The signatory to the funding agreement with ARPA-E.

PI: Principal Investigator.

Project Team:  A Project Team consists of the Prime Recipient, Subrecipients, and others performing inventive supportive work that is part of an ARPA-E project.  

Standalone Applicant:  An Applicant that applies for funding on its own, not as part of a Project Team.

Subject Invention:  Any invention conceived or first actually reduced to practice under an ARPA-E funding agreement. 

Task: A task is an operation or segment of the work plan that requires both effort and resources. Each task (or sub-task) is connected to the overall objective of the project, via the achievement of a milestone or a deliverable.

Total Project Cost:  The sum of the Prime Recipient share and the Federal Government share of total allowable costs.  The Federal Government share generally includes costs incurred by GOGOs, FFRDCs, and GOCOs.

TT&O:  Technology Transfer and Outreach. (See Section IV.G.8 of the FOA for more information).