ARPA-E program staff will send an email near the end of your period of performance with information regarding Project Closeout and the required forms to be completed. All close-out documents due 90 days after end of period of performance and should be emailed to your project’s ARPA-E program staff.

(1) Project’s Period of Performance ends; all R&D work completed, performer compiles results, begins writing Final Report
(2) Performer submits final technical report to OSTI and to project team at ARPA-E.
(3) Performer complies with all patent certification, final property report, and software requirements
(4) ARPA-E will work in coordination with the Department of Energy Headquarters to officially closeout the project

Final Technical Report Guidance
Tangible Personal Property Report Form
Patent Certification Form
Computer Software Form

Let’s Keep in Touch!
Congratulations on completing your ARPA-E project and on becoming a member of the ARPA-E alumni community! Please see below link to keep in touch with the ARPA-E alumni community.

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