ARPA-E: Guiding Technologies to Commercial Success

ARPA-E’s Technology-to-Market Advisors work closely with each ARPA-E project team to develop and execute a commercialization strategy. ARPA-E requires our teams to focus on their commercial path forward, because we understand that to have an impact on our energy mission, technologies must have a viable path into the marketplace. ARPA-E Senior Commercialization Advisor Dr. John Tuttle discusses what this Tech-to-Market guidance in practice looks like with reference to two project teams. OPEN 2012 awardees from Harvard University and Sunfolding share their stories of how ARPA-E worked with their teams to analyze market conditions and identify commercial opportunities that ultimately convinced them to pivot their technologies towards market applications with greater potential.

Dr. John Tuttle, Senior Commercialization Advisor, ARPA-E
Dr. Joanna Aizenberg, Professor of Materials Science, Harvard University
Leila Madrone, Founder and CEO, Sunfolding
Dr. Philseok Kim, Co-Founder and CTO, SLIPS Technologies
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