CO2 Mineralization for in situ Storage and ex situ Enhanced Metals Recovery Workshop

July 13th & 15th, 2021

The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) held a virtual workshop on CO2 Mineralization for in situ Storage and ex situ Enhanced Metals Recovery on July 13th & 15th, 2021. The primary purpose of this workshop was to discuss research opportunities targeting enhanced mineralization of atmospheric carbon as a tool for both sequestration and the liberation of energy relevant elements. The discussions in this workshop could help inform a potential future program in this area. You can learn more about these topics by reviewing the meeting agenda and presentations, as well as watching the pre-recorded presentations by Program Directors Douglas Wicks and Joseph King included below.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Challenge: Critical Materials in Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Time (ET) Session/Speaker Topic/Comments
12:30 pm Webex meeting session opens
12:55 pm Nancy Hicks Housekeeping for Virtual Workshop
1:00 pm James Zahler
Associate Director for Technology-to-Market, ARPA-E
Welcome and Introduction to ARPA-E
1:10 pm Doug Wicks and
Joe King
Program Directors,

Sequestering Carbon with Hybrid Employment of Mineral Assets

(Workshop motivation, goals, and operating parameters)

1:35 pm Roger Aines
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Mineralization and Engineering the Carbon Economy
2:00 pm Todd Schaef
Carbon Sequestration in Basalts: Laboratory Studies and Field Demonstration
2:25 pm Break
2:50 pm Breakout Session

Technical Approaches to in situ and ex situ CO2 mineralization: Current Advantages and Disadvantages

Group A Chemical Approaches
Group B Electrochemical Approaches
Group C Microbiological Approaches
Group D Phytomining Approaches
4:20 pm Break
4:30 pm Doug Wicks Reconvene. Preview/Homework for Day 2.
4:35 pm Happy Hour


Thursday, July 15, 2021

The What, Why, When and Whom of a Potential Program

Time (ET) Session/Speaker Topic/Comments
1:00 pm Joe King Recap Day 1 including Breakout readouts
Objectives for Day 2
1:10 pm Peter Warwick
US Geological Survey
Carbon Dioxide Mineralization Feasibility in the United States
1:35 pm Rafael Santos, U Guelph, and
Pol Knops, Green Minerals

Considerations from the Past for the Future of Mineral Carbonation

Creating Value by Beneficial Use of All Products (and Safely Sequestering CO2)

2:15 pm

Hongyue Jin
U Arizona

Jeremy Freeman and Freya Chay
Carbon Plan

Nigel Stewart
Rio Tinto

Panel: Recipes for Success in a Mineralization Program
2:55 pm Esteban Gazel
Cornell University
Active Serpentinization in the Santa Elena Ophiolite (Costa Rica) as a Testbed for in-situ Carbon Storage
3:15 pm Doug Wicks Breakout Pep Talk
3:35 pm Break
3:45 pm Breakout Session

Technical metrics and needs.  Goals:

- Programmatic needs (e.g. LCA/TEA, overriding geology/petrology public data) Technical target metrics (total up-take rates, speeds)

- Balanced team makeup

- Process differentiation

- Validation methodology and techniques
Group A Chemical Approaches
Group B Electrochemical Approaches
Group C Microbiological Approaches
Group D Phytomining Approaches
4:45 pm Doug Wicks and Joe King Closing Remarks
5:00 pm Happy Hour Continuation (optional)


Happy Hour Speakers

Name Organization

Graham Andrews

West Virginia University

Buz Barstow

Cornell University

Milind Deo

University of Utah

Robin Gerlach

Montana State University

Greeshma Gadikota

Cornell University

Anna Harrison

CNRS Geoscience Environment Toulouse

Frieder Klein

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

Pol Knops

Green Minerals

Laura Lammers

University of California, Berkeley and LBNL

Susan Lang

University of South Carolina

June Medford

Colorado State University and PlantMadeWorks

Valentina Prigiobbe

Stevens Institute of Technology

Richard Riman

Rutgers University

Bruce Rittman

Precient Technologies

Rafael Santos

University of Guelph

Johan Schijf

University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

Mark Selby

Canada Nickel Company

John Shervais

Utah State University

Dante Simonetti

University of California, Los Angeles

Thomas Smith

US Strategic Minerals Exploration

Xiao Su

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Martin Turenne

FPX Nickel Corp.

Sasha Wilson

University of Alberta


Dr. Douglas Wicks – Carbon Dioxide Mineralization for Mineral Extraction

Dr. Joseph King – Accelerated Geomineralization



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