Seven transformative energy technologies were on display in the ARPA-E booth at the 2024 Consumer Electric Show, including demonstrations of new kinds of batteries, hybrid-electric aircraft technology, carbon-negative industrial materials, pipeline repair systems, and the future of fast EV charging.

These future-focused companies are Building the Future and Moving the Future. They are creating the impactful technologies that will transform how we harness, use, and store energy for industry, infrastructure, and our everyday lives.

Read more about these exciting technologies, below:

ARPA-E CES Demo 24M Technologies
24M Technologies

24M offers a revolutionary battery manufacturing and product design platform, process, and technology set enabled by the 24M SemiSolid™ and Unit Cell manufacturing platform. By re-inventing today’s battery manufacturing methods and product design, 24M reduces costs while improving performance, safety, and recyclability. Through ARPA-E's SCALEUP program, 24M is partnering with U.S. components and commercial partners to test, validate, and perform pilot-scale manufacturing of high energy density Li metal pouch cells for the electric aviation (e.g., eVTOL, eSTOL, eCTOL) market. Recently, 24M signed a joint development agreement with ARPA-E spinoff company And Battery Aero (ABA) to further demonstrate a full solution for high energy density next generation electric aircraft packs. In the EV and ESS market, 24M is also reinventing the design of the battery cell with its recently announced Electrode-to-Pack system (ETOP™), which directly places battery electrodes into the pack, removing the need for individual cells and modules and achieving record system packing efficiency.


Ampaire’s hybrid electric powertrain technology, the AMP DriveTM, will be demonstrated in a flight simulator for our launch commercial product, the hybrid 9-seater Caravan aircraft. This aircraft will save 50-70% on fuel and emissions while retaining the ability to have 9 passengers and twice the ferry range of a conventionally powered Caravan. The technology does not require waiting for infrastructure development at airports and costs 25-40% less to operate today. The AMP Drive is sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) compatible with net emissions savings of up to 100% and will be certified years before all-electric or hydrogen competitors. The AMP Drive and associated AMP PackTM energy storage technologies are scalable to provide clean, cost-effective air transport solutions across the entire general aviation sector and the electrification platform for future expansion into transport class applications.

ARPA-E CES Demo Ampaire
ARPA-E CES 2024 Demo DexMat

DexMat is the maker of Galvorn, a conductive carbon nanomaterial that outperforms GHG-intense alternatives. 10x stronger than steel, half the weight of aluminum, and 100x the flex life of copper, the combination of these historically valued properties allows customers to reimagine the products they build. Made in America and carbon-negative at scale, DexMat’s mission is to drive the next industrial revolution by making dirty metals and materials obsolete. Available today in the form of fiber, yarns, films, and fabrics, when adopted at scale across industries such as sporting goods, e-textiles, wires and electronics, energy, aerospace, and automotive, Galvorn represents a multi-gigaton carbon reduction opportunity.

GE Vernova

Deteriorating pipelines are a major cause of unnecessary energy consumption and emissions. Leaks from aging water and wastewater infrastructure drive the need to process vast quantities of excess water, while leaking gas pipelines contribute to both energy loss and the release of a considerable amount of the greenhouse gas, methane. Addressing this problem, GE Vernova, Warren Environmental, and Garver, LLC are collaborating to develop PipeLine Underground Trenchless Overhaul (PLUTO). PLUTO is a long-distance minimally invasive pipe repair system that structurally rehabilitates pipelines at unprecedented speed and significantly reduced cost compared with traditional open-cut excavation replacement.

ARPA-E CES 2024 Demo GE Vernova
ARPA-E CES 2024 Demo Imagen Energy
Imagen Energy

Imagen Energy is at the forefront of power inverter technology, committed to powering a fully electric future. Their mission is to develop power inverter systems that meet and exceed global demands for sustainable and compact energy solutions. At CES, they will showcase their 100kW compact charger. This advanced charger, equipped with an integrated AI model, is a peek into the future of efficient and intelligent EV charging. Imagen envisions a future where their American-made, high-efficiency, and modular inverter systems set the standard for innovation in the industry. Their products are designed to be the core of modern energy systems, offering unmatched performance and adaptability. With Imagen Energy, the future is not just electrified; it's efficient and resilient.


The production of energy-intensive building materials like steel, aluminum, and cement represents about 15% of global GHG emissions every year, making them a prime target for decarbonization. InventWood is showcasing a next-generation construction material, MettleWood, that is stronger than construction grade steel but 80% lighter, much less expensive, and far more sustainable. MettleWood will transform the built environment by replacing these carbon-intensive materials with a high-value, naturally sourced solution, leading to massive decarbonization and sequestration benefits, while providing key benefits to developers, architects, construction workers, and building occupants. Come by the Department of Energy’s booth to see for yourself how wood can made literally stronger than steel!

ARPA-E CES 2024 Demo InventWood
ARPA-E CES 2024 Demo Niron Magnetics
Niron Magnetics

The Niron Magnetics proprietary Clean Earth Magnet® technology based on Iron Nitride enables permanent magnets that possess inherently high magnetization, are free of rare earths and other critical materials, and will enable a revolution in the design of new electric motors and generators. The global energy transition needs powerful permanent magnets for EVs, wind turbines, and efficient industrial motors. Niron will ensure they are clean, domestically manufactured, and made from abundant commodity raw materials. Niron’s demonstration walks CES attendees through the manufacturing process of Clean Earth Magnets in an interactive manner, making a new to the world material technology easy to understand. Then attendees can see demonstrations of the first audio products powered by Clean Earth Magnets. These products have been built by recognizable consumer brands and commercial partners on Niron’s ARPA-E SCALEUP project, allowing attendees to see how innovative technologies are successfully commercialized to impact devices they have in their homes.